VERYONE (EURENCO Group), is the global leader in the production and marketing of 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN) Cetane Improver, a chemical additive that reduces emissions of Diesel fuel.

As the main source of 2-EHN worldwide, VERYONE serves major oil companies and fuel performance packages manufacturers.
VERYONE’s vision is to be a long-term supplier in the field of additives for today’s and future fuels.

To execute this strategy, VERYONE has recently acquired the manufacturing plant and other equipment of EPC Groupe in the UK after the latter decided to divest itself from the fuel additives sector.

Continuity of supply is VERYONE’s strongest commitment. Therefore, VERYONE has made sure to put in place a smooth transition programme with EPC for deliveries to UK customers from the end of April 2023.

With its production capacity of 80,000 tons per year of NEH on its 2 production lines in Sorgues (France) and 7 storage sites in the world (16,000 tons stock in total), VeryOne has the capability to supply 2-EHN anywhere anytime on the world market.

VeryOne Cetane Improver

For Pierre-Olivier VIGNAUD, CEO of VeryOne and EVP Strategy for Eurenco Group, “this strategic move will reinforce VERYONE’s position as the most reliable partner to address current market challenges for diesel fuel additives such as supply issues, dynamic energy markets and the transition to lower carbon fuels.