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VeryOne, leader in Fuel Additives, offers the greatest
capacity, reliability and expertise.

VeryOne, a EURENCO company, is focused on the Development, Production and Sales of 2-EHN « Cetane Improver » and fuel additives all around the world.

In addition to its long-standing presence in Europe, a dedicated subsidiary (VeryOne Inc.) based in Houston, Texas relies on local storage capabilities to handle sales and distribution throughout North America. Another distribution subsidiary located in Canton, China was created at the beginning of 2018: Guangzhou YILI Materials Company.

With a 2-EHN annual production capacity of 80,000 metric tons, we stand ready, willing and able to offer competitive pricing, available product and on-time delivery of VeryOne® Cetane Improver to each and every location worldwide.


New EUROPEAN Safety data sheet n°22 for the VeryOne® Cetane Improver

VERYONE has updated the Safety Data Sheet for 2-EthylHexyl Nitrate (VeryOne® Cetane Improver). Here are the main changes: The Safety Data Sheet complies with the requirements of amendment no. 2020/878…

VERYONE (EURENCO Group) continues its development strategy in the Fuel Additives market

VERYONE (EURENCO Group), is the global leader in the production and marketing of 2-ethylhexyl nitrate (2-EHN) Cetane Improver, a chemical additive that reduces emissions of Diesel fuel. As the main…

New tutorial vidéo : How to handle a VeryOne® cetane improver leakage

How to handle a VeryOne® cetane improver leakage Safety is at the heart of VeryOne continuous improvement policy. In response to customer concerns and questions about the risk of leaks,…

New storage for GUANGZHOU YILI, the VeryOne subsidiary in China

With the challenge of the Chinese market growth for fuel additives, GUANGHZOU YILI, the Chinese subsidiary of VERYONE is setting up new storage facilities in addition to storing by ISO containers in…

New VeryOne products line

VeryOne, the global leader in technology, manufacture and sales of 2EHN (2ETHYL HEXYL NITRATE) for diesel fuels, now offers an expanded range of complementary additives to 2EHN. These new products…

Fuel types of new trucks: diesel 97.9%, electric 0.2%, hybrid 0.1% market share in 2019

Our products



Our high purity VeryOne® Cetane Improver made in France is the best chemical product available for the increase of Cetane number for the Diesel fuels and biodiesels.



Absolutely necessary lubricant additives for low sulfur diesels the VeryOne® Lubricity Improvers are customized to be used in every conditions.



Additive blends

Additive blends

Our services

Not only as product provider, VeryOne follows carefully the needs of its customers everywhere in the word.

Long term logistic solutions and customized products bring VeryOne in the top ranked additive supplier services.


Issue n°20 - November 2022

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