Cetane Improver (2-EHN)

Q: Is 2-EHN an explosive product?

A: 2-EHN is a flammable product, not an explosive component (see the MSDS).

Q: Do you have a recommendation as to the maximum safe dosage of 2-EHN to us, with regards to engine and injector life for diesel engines?

A: 2-EHN can be added up to 6000 ppm (0.6%) to the diesel without any risk for the motor. The addition of 2-EHN will drastically increase the Cetane number up to a plateau.

Q: Does the quality and performance of 2-EHN differ from supplier to supplier?

A: 2-EHN is a pure chemical product normally sold with purity higher than 99%. Any residual impurities (especially remaining acids or water) can lower the shelf-life of the product.

The VeryOne® Cetane Improver purity is typically 99,8%, and water content is always below 440 ppm.

Q: What are the benefits of a premium VeryOne® product on the performances of a Diesel vehicle?

A: By decreasing the ignition delay, the VeryOne® Cetane Improver gives more time for the diesel to burn and lowers the pressure inside the chamber. With a better combustion at lower pressure, consumption of diesel and emissions are lower.

Q: What are the benefits of the VeryOne® product on the Diesel Refineries production?

A: Refineries produce several diesel fractions (VGO, LCO,…) from different units. For the blending, the more the refiners use ┬ź┬álow quality diesel┬á┬╗, the more profitable the mixture is. Then, to reach a Cetane Number of 51, refiners can add some amount of VeryOne┬« Cetane Improver with immediate positive impact.

Q: Does VeryOne® Cetane Improver increase the Diesel performances in cold to very cold environment?

A: Cetane Number is a dominant fuel parameter in cold engines at low ambient temperature. VeryOne® Cetane Improver enhances the combustion by decreasing the ignition delay. This results in easier cold starts, better warm-up, better ignition quality, and therefore improves low temperature startability.

Q: Is VeryOne® Cetane Improver suitable for all types of Diesel?

A: Yes, VeryOne® Cetane Improver can be used for all diesels. The Cetane Number response curve will be different depending on the diesel composition.