VeryOne 2-EHN


Worldwide recommendations for “quality fuels” try to reduce the impact of motor vehicle on the environment through vehicle fleet emissions with optimized fuels.

VeryOne 2-EthylHexyl Nitrate, also called 2-EHN or Cetane Improver, helps to resolve the following equation:

  • Fuel production flexibility
  • Refineries and end-users savings
  • Increased performances of diesel fuels and diesel engines
  • Better environment protection

VeryOne is the world leading 2-EHN producer.

Our large production capacity (80 000 MT/year) and our logistic organization enable us to deliver a competitive product, in due time, any place in the world.

2-EHN has been produced by VeryOne in its Sorgues facility (France) since 1984.

Sorgues’ teams of experts have extensive experience in nitration reaction, and are able to conduct them in complete safety.

Located in the South-east of France, North of Avignon, the plant benefits from an excellent geographical location (convenient for raw material supply and product delivery).