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2014 – Consumption Trends In Diesel Worldwide

During the past year 2014, the United States used 183 million tons of diesel fuel, an increase compared with the 172 million tons in 2013. This confirms the trend displayed on US clean diesel car sales have grown by 25% during the first semester of 2014, while the overall US car market has merely increased by 4,2%.

In Europe, the diesel fuel consumption was estimated at 250 million tons in 2014, roughly the same as in 2013.

Though the trend is going steady, with diesel fuels representing 55% of the European fuel consumption, gasoline motorization is becoming more popular with the small cars market. This can be explained by the cost differential between gasoline and diesel engines, which is no longer compensated by diesel use savings.

In Asia, diesel remains the most widely consumed liquid fuel, although the demand growth shows a decline with big consumers, such as China, Indonesia and India.



VeryOne in Numbers

With 80 000 tons of annual production capacity of VeryOne Cetane Improver through 2 independent lines of production, EURENCO is the world leader on the 2-ethyl-hexyl-nitrate market. A storage capacity of 14 000 tons, split in 5 locations (3 in Europe and 2 in the USA), brings flexibility and reliability, and allows EURENCO VeryOne to satisfy its customers all over the world.

More than 60 people work everyday on the VeryOne Cetane Improver to fulfill this commitment. Thanks to this capability, EURENCO is proud to be trusted by more than 50 refineries for its daily deliveries.

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EURENCO Inc. moves to a new location in Houston

On March 1st 2015, the entire EURENCO Inc. team has moved to a new building in Houston, Texas. The new office is located near Fuqua and the Gulf freeway:

12621 Featherwood – Suite 230 – Houston, Texas 77034



Cetane Number in the EN 590 Diesel Norm

Since 2014, the EN 590 norm includes the possibility to use the IQT test to measure the Cetane Number. The IQT test (EN 16144:2012) could easily replace the old and complicated CFR motor test, as the IQT Analyzer is able to provide quickly the Cetane Number of feedstock materials or finished blends. Fast evaluation of CN (within 20 minutes) supports efficient utilization of available slates, and helps to minimize the giveaway. IQT also has a good repeatability, and the precision can reach 0,5 when standard CFR is close to 2,5. The dosage of VeryOne Cetane Improver could therefore be easily monitored with an IQT system. Read more.



EURENCO at the AFPM Conference (March 29-31)


The VeryOne team will be present in San Antonio (Texas) during the Annual International Petrochemical Conference. You will have the opportunity to meet both our US and Europe teams to get updated news about diesel fuels and VeryOne Cetane Improver. Come and meet us there!