Q: In Europe, what is the standard flange for the unloading of 2-EHN tank trucks?

A: The standard flange is 3’ (3 inches). The forwarders normally have several connections in their trucks for particular sizes. All trucks come with their own pipes (standard is 6 meters).

Q: In Europe, what is the standard quantity for a 2-EHN tank truck?

A: The quantity loaded in the tank truck will depend on the truck route. In Europe, a 24 tons load is the standard, but we can load up to 28 tons.

Q: What are the authorized transportation modes for international freight of VeryOne® Cetane Improver?

A: The VeryOne® Cetane Improver is classed as a hazardous substance. Its UNO code for transport is 3082, and it is class 9 (corresponding to marine pollutants). It is transported in bulks: bulk tank trucks (18-27 t), Isocontainers (20-24 t) and also packaged in plastic IBCs (975 kg, 1m3) or in metallic drums (200 kg), in compliance with ADR and IMO régulations.

VeryOne S.A.S handles 6 bulk storages in Europe and the USA.