VeryOne inherits centuries of nitration experience developed for the French Defense.

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In 1984, SNPE identified a growing potential demand for a nitrated diesel fuel Cetane Improver. As a global leader in the field of nitration, SNPE began manufacturing Cetane Improver in its Sorgues (France) production facility.

Capitalizing on its extensive experience in alcohol nitration, coupled with vast expertise in the manufacturing of explosives, SNPE developed its own specific production process to safely produce Cetane Improver, also known as 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN).

In 1997, SNPE introduced a second production unit, and began the construction of waste acid recycling units on-site to improve production flexibility, while considerably reducing the site’s environmental impact.

More than 15 years later, SNPE is the world’s leading manufacturer of 2-EHN. The production of Cetane Improver has become a fully integrated and vital part of the Sorgues manufacturing complex, and EURENCO (100% Groupe SNPE) continues to introduce significant production improvements while progressively increasing its manufacturing capacities.

In November 2012, anticipating the growing need for fuel additives offering both technical and economical advantages, EURENCO launched a new brand to promote its 2-EHN solution and meet the strong market demands worldwide: VeryOne Fuel Improver.

Dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, VeryOne S.A.S arranges efficient storage and distribution channels all over the world, to ensure available supply and prompt delivery.

The July 1st 2018, VeryOne® became officially a subsidiary of EURENCO. This new company, wholly owned by EURENCO, is specialised in the development, production, and sale of products aimed at improved diesel quality. VeryOne® is already the world leader in 2-EHN diesel fuel additives, VeryOne® is already the world leader in 2-EHN diesel fuel additives, relying on more than 35 tons in Europe and more than 18 tons of North American product storage, as well as an annual capacity of 80,000 metric tons of Cetane Improver and with market shares representing more than 85% in Europe and North America.

VeryOne’s purpose is also to prepare for the future by proposing innovative fuel additives that increase revenue and sustain the business in the long run.

To support the development of its customers and to best answer their needs, VeryOne, that still was EURENCO at this moment, created in January 2018 the company « Guangzhou YILI Materials » based in Canton. This 2-EHN distribution subsidiary will be able to answer direcly and reactively to the numerous demands of the Chinese refiners and fuel additives producers.

Indeed, the Chinese fuel market is evolving rapidly and the improvement of the diesel quality to limit pollutant emissions is on the rise.

Today, we look back at more than 1 million ton of production and sales of VeryOne® Fuel Improver, and aspire to serve global customers, large and small, well into the 21st century.