VeryOne is a EURENCO Subsidiary dedicated to fuel additives.

EURENCO, a subsidiary of Groupe SNPE, develops, manufactures and provides a largely diversified range of cutting-edge energetic materials for both the defense and the commercial markets.

Widely acknowledged for its high level of expertise and know-how in chemical synthesis and transformation of energetic materials, EURENCO has reinforced its production capabilities in Europe and restructured its activities to best meet the needs of its partners and customers through 4 divisions, Defence, Space & Security, Oil & Gas Industry and Fuel Additives with VeryOne.

Laboratories, pilot workshops, multi-purpose units and large scale facilities, all contribute to strengthening EURENCO’s and VeryOne’s R&D and manufacturing capabilities, allowing small scale to mass production.

A favored partner of major companies worldwide, EURENCO aim to constantly enhance their  flexibility and reactivity to provide a tailor-made service for common success.


VeryOne Group Structure Chart